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Real Comments From Real Charms Users!

Diana Mattoon  -  Golden West High School Choir, CA (8/25/2023)
With a small learning curve this system isn't difficult to maneuver through. When I do have a question or an issue comes up, the team is able to answer all of my questions almost immediately through the chat.

Maryam Mathis  -  University Park United Methodist Church, TX (5/8/2023)
Thank you so much for your attention to our problems with the two drop-down menu selections failing to save. I have been out of town and consequently, not working on the Music Library database this past week. I will certainly check out the changes you all made today. For my part, as a church music librarian, I want to express how helpful these changes will be to our music minister, our organist, and me, as we reboot our Music Library after a catastrophic flood two years ago. The changes may seem small and inconsequential, but they will definitely help us in the process of selecting pieces to sing in worship. Blessings, Maryam Mathis University Park United Methodist Church Music Librarian

Cathy Humphrey  -  Pflugerville ISD, Tx (3/13/2023)
Charms is the "Brain" for our program. We use Charms for all aspects of our band program. The one year it was taken from our district, we sunk! Luckily, my husband purchased the subscription for my birthday, however, my colleagues suffered in everyway! Between a lack of communication with students' parents, incoming band members, inventory, music library, finances, trips, it was a disaster. In the meantime, I survived that year and our district agreed that we needed Charms back!

Mollyn Cole  -  Port Arthur ISD, TX (2/1/2023)
Once again, Charms staff has proven itself to be its' client's best friend. My school district is appreciative of the proficiency of the products, as well as the proficiency of the professionals assigned to assist us in all our endeavors. It is wonderful to have productive products and professionals partnering with us!!! People should know the character of the vendors with whom they work.  IF school districts would take the time to do that, particularly in this case, I think they would well pleased!!!!  Half of the time, I am running in circles --- and you ALWAYS help center me, ground me, and get me back on the right track!!!!  I think EVERYBODY needs to know that!!!! 

Jill Denny  -  Mountain View HS, CA (11/4/2022)
The training was efficient, and combined time for instruction and answering questions. Your teaching style was clear and kind. You were very well organized and we all learned so much!!! I highly recommend you as an in person clinician and I think the in person lessons are so much more effective than the online versions. Thank you so very much!!!

George Vera  -  Rogers High School and Elmwood Middle School, AR (11/3/2022)
I like Charms because it allows me to communicate with students and parents on a regular basis through texts or emails. It doesn't matter if I'm at a football game or trip, I always have contact info for my parents right on my phone or any smart device. I like that I can post documents, add my band calendar, and so much more. My band parents really appreciate the communication, documents, and financial information so readily available. Also, I can't forget to mention that the customer service is always fantastic.

Laura Hogan - Band and Choir Manager  -  South Lyon East High School, MI (9/25/2019)
I am the Manager of a high school’s Band and Choir programs and have been using Charms for 10 years. With over 200 students and families to manage, Charms has made it so much easier to communicate with families, keep track of payments, manage fundraising and trips, and awarding points. In addition to the individual student information, Charms also contains our instrument inventory, music library, and uniform inventory. With all this information in one location, the Band and Choir Directors, the Booster organizations, and I have access to the information we need right at our fingertips. Our parents also appreciate the ability to log into their student’s account to see how much fundraising money they have, what payments are due, or how many points they have towards their year-end awards. We recently started using the Charms Store which has made it much easier for parents to pay their fees, make trip payments, or order spirit wear. It has given us the ability to take orders for fundraising items from the community and alumni. The ability to create reports for almost any scenario is also a great help to me and the Booster organizations. From financial reports to student reports organized by instrument for concert programs, all the information is right there in an instant. The ability to create statements and receipts helps when sending “gentle reminders” of overdue fees or balances. I have been trying out Charms 2 and find that it is just as easy to use and has a refreshing new look. I am looking forward to working with the final updated product. I was very glad to see that with Charms 2 you can add more than one attachment to an email! Charms is definitely worth the annual cost if you are looking for a way to improve communication with your students and families, help your Booster organizaitons with their tasks, and consolidate the information from the many facets of your Band or Choir program.

Gae Phillips  -  KMEA President/Director of Bands, KS (9/25/2019)
Actually went to a training session from the developer of the software when it was first out. Charms organizes our entire program. The capabilities are endless….finances, uniforms, music library, sorting student demographic information, billing students, seating charts, its all there. I use it almost everyday! The ability to sort students in various options. And the global feature—I can quickly pull up a sorted class of students and take their t-shirt or shoe size in a matter of minutes from one screen. No more handing out a card and then picking them up and sorting through the information later. It is already sorted and in the system and then I can teach! Attending the tutorial sessions was helpful, but the program is so user friendly one could really just get it an go. Working with Charms is successful because the program just works and the fact if you do have an issue the staff quickly provides you the assistance you need in a timely and friendly fashion. Tech help is quick, responsive, friendly and easy to understand.

Georgia Band Director  -  , GA (1/26/2018)
Everything that other products don't do, Charms does... Which is why we love using Charms!

Julie Smith, Director  -  Berkley High School Choir, MI (12/1/2017)
I am in love with Charms!

R. Coulter  -  Online course instructor, PA (11/9/2017)
I teach to equip my graduate level students with the tools to help them work smarter and more efficiently, and your product certainly fits that description! Done right, Charms will provide them extra time for both making music and being with their families.

Jenny Rogers, Director  -  Dobyns-Bennett HS Choir, TN (7/5/2017)
The Charms training conference was the ONE conference that I walked away from with not only LOADS of information, but also INSPIRATION that makes me WANT to get back into the classroom and make music happen!

Nick Santoro, NJMEA  -  ,  (4/7/2017)
Charms is the greatest invention since the wheel... [Tech session introduction]

Peter Bauer, Director of Bands  -  Columbia HS, Maplewood, NJ, NJ (12/2/2016)
We have been Charms users for just over a year now, and your system has made managing our program a joy.

Chris Auchly, Director of Bands  -  Festus (MO) R-VI Schools, MO (11/30/2016)
We've benefited tremendously from implementing Charms... Parents and administrators love it, and the kids are becoming more and more adept at utilizing the program as well. You provide a terrific service with fantastic support!

Scott Struyk, Director  -  Coopersville (MI) HS Band, MI (11/9/2016)
I am really enjoying this program, and it is making my job so much easier!!!

Colin Brien, Director  -  Century HS and Idaho State Civic Symphony, ID (10/26/2016)
I don't know HOW I taught without charms. It is such a life saver. I always tell every band director, just save yourself the hassle of everything and get CHARMS!

Michele Dileto, Booster President  -  Minooka Community High School Band, IL (7/11/2016)
We are loving Charms!! I know I have a lot more to learn on it but as we go along learning new things, it is really are going to help us be more efficient and make things a lot easier for everyone! I wish we would have done this sooner...

Kim Madlock  -  Queen City MS, TX (6/2/2016)
I LOVE the effortless and good recording ability of the Charms recording studio! It made our year-end skills playing tests quick and comprehensive. PLUS, I just recently confirmed that I can keep student audio portfolios on all my kids, going forward! WONDERFUL!!! KUDOS to Pam in Live Tech Support! Very helpful, friendly and fast...just like having someone on our staff. Keep up the GREAT support! Can't wait to learn more of the "Charms Way of Life," especially with our new barcoded uniforms!

MSG(R) John Tijerina  -  JROTC @ Ronald Reagan HS, San Antonio, TX (5/23/2016)
Your system was introduced to me last school year as something that could help my JROTC program become better organized. I have to say, after using it for the past 14 months or so, it is a huge improvement over what we were doing. Now, as we close out this school year and look to next, we plan on utilizing even more of what your system has to offer. It is an awesome system and we excited for what it has done for us and what it will do in the future.

Colleen Wall  -  Morro Bay HS Choir, CA (5/16/2016)
As I retire, I have truly appreciated the efficiency that CHARMS brought to my job over the years. Thank you all so much for understanding what is needed for music directors and creating a wonderful resource. I am starting a community arts center in our town and I anticipate using CHARMS again to keep that organization working smoothly!

Rebekah Long, Assistant and Tour Operator  -  Rockwood Summit HS, MO (4/28/2016)
We love everything about Charms! It makes our teaching life SO much easier...

Ben Middleton, Director  -  Seckman (MO) HS Band, MO (4/1/2016)
We LOVE CHARMS and wanted to tell you that! We're taking the kids to Gatlinburg, TN, and this has helped immensely. Also, we had our returning marchers players do their audition on CHARMS. Yes!

An Ohio band director / OMEA attendee  -  , OH (1/29/2016)
Charms is a miracle of modern technology!!!!

A Florida band director  -  ,  (1/16/2016)
A new transfer student and her parent came up to me, and asked "Why don't you have Charms?" I wasn't familiar with your product, but I AM NOW, and started a subscription immediately! What a lifesaver!

Ron Sikes, Director  -  Jefferson R-7 schools, MO (1/7/2016)
Charms is a fantastic product, but it's really the customer service that's AMAZING. Thank you!

Tim Pry, Director  -  Sun Valley HS, PA (12/21/2015)
Thanks for all you do to make our lives a little easier and organized. Don't know how I did it pre-Charms.

Sebrett Graham, Booster Treasurer  -  Newsome HS, DE (12/21/2015)
We have found Charms to be an awesome application that will be invaluable to our Booster and Band organization for many years to come. Charms has made organization of every aspect of our program more efficient and accessible to our band family. With the exceptional year that we will have in 2016 as we head to New York to march in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, Charms will play a huge role in getting our students and their families more involved and organized. Thank you!!

Elizabeth Jackson  -  Ocean Springs Middle School, Mississippi (12/17/2015)
What a wonderful product! Ocean Springs Middle has used Charms for nearly two years, and we have seen tremendous improvement in our organizational skills thanks to it! In the midst of losing a band secretary position due to budget cuts, Charms helped all of us make it through the transition. We continue to learn something new every day about the program. My kids are recording a final as we speak thanks to the recording studio! Thanks, Charms!

Jay Rossette, Director  -  Madera South HS, CA (12/10/2015)
We love Charms! We've been using the program for 3 years now, and I must say, " #undowithoutable " is an extremely accurate term for it. Scheduling, logistics, inventory, uniforms, and finances are all under control, and life is good. Thanks so much to the entire Charms staff, on behalf of all of us here at Madera...

Craig Pare', DMA, Prof. of Music  -  DePauw University, IN (12/9/2015)
What a great in-class webinar about Charms! My students now know what the Charms program can do for them in the future, when they start teaching in public schools. I'm grateful for all you brought to my class -- THANK YOU!

Virginia Volpe  -  ACC Northridge, TX (11/11/2015)
With the Charms library system, I can see exactly what music is still out and how much the student owes in fees if they don't return it. This kind of documentation is INVALUABLE! I have had 2 students recently contact me about returning their music, because they had holds on their accounts and were blocked from registering for the spring semester. Hallelujah!

Mindy Bersalona  -  Donna Choir, TX  (10/19/2015)
You guys ROCK! I love Charms. Makes my bookkeeping and deposits so much easier. Thanks!

Ron Sikes, Head Director  -  Jefferson R-7 Band, MO (10/13/2015)
As a band director of a big program in a small school, I couldn't live without Charms -- I really appreciate the program, and the great customer support that comes with it. Thank you!

Dr. Michael Marcades, Head Choir Director  -  Odessa High School, TX (10/7/2015)
Thank you for adding an additional means of information protection for our excellent students, with the ‘password different than ID’ change!

Bill Cason  -  Texas UIL District 14, TX (9/3/2015)
I appreciate everything that you and everyone else at Dorian/Charms does to help make our work at UIL easier....even when we make yours harder!!

Lisa Roebuck
Director of Fine Arts  -  Round Rock ISD, TX
Don't know what our directors would do without CHARMS.

Alan Slightom, Director (38 years!)  -  Perry Meridian, IN (8/7/2015)
Your software makes teaching band a joy, because the director can focus on the things that are the most important -the kids!! Charms has made such a difference in keeping our band and orchestra programs organized. We finally have a method and manner that makes all the behind the scenes stuff work - so we can concentrate on the music.

I've taught band for 38 years, and I do not impress easily... THANK YOU!

Dax Freeman, Director  -  Graham HS, TX (7/25/2015)
I was a Charms holdout until last year, and now that I have it, WHAT WAS I THINKING???? I love it!!!!

Clint Roberts, director of bands  -  Spanish Fork HS, UT (7/16/2015)
Charms is the best thing to happen to me as a new director. THANK YOU!

Geoffrey Mack  -  Central High School and New Heights Middle, SC (7/7/2015)
I really love Charms. It has made a world of difference for me and the band program.

Ann Sederquist, Director  -  Sun Prairie, WI (6/26/2015)
Our thanks for the great User Conference. We had so many light bulbs go on during our time there on different ways to use Charms for our organization! It's incredible how many things you have thought through already....

Beth Steck, Booster Treasurer  -  Lincoln-Way North HS, IL (6/25/2015)
Thank you for a wonderful User Training Conference experience in Las Vegas. Trudy and I feel like we "hit the jackpot"! We were speed-chatting on the flight home with all our new plans for uniform scanning, chaperones, tracking, online store, and so much more. As Treasurer, I feel fully confident using Charms for our organization's financials this next year!

Katy Strickland, PhD, Dir of Athletic Bands  -  NW Missouri State U, MO (6/12/2015)
I used Charms with the phone app just this morning, to look up a flute in our inventory. This is great stuff!!!

Eric Vogel  -  Taylor County Schools, GA (6/12/2015)
Thank you for taking the time to understand my program. Charms has truly changed the way we do things. We are genuinely blessed to have it.

Keith Dye, Prof. of Music Education  -  Texas Tech University, TX (6/5/2015)
I thoroughly enjoy spreading the word about the benefits of Charms to my teaching colleagues and student future directors!

Jim Matsushino, Director  -  Cienega HS Fine Arts, AZ (5/18/2015)
Charms is a great program that has helped change my band and orchestra program for the better over the past couple of years. I highly recommend the product!

Thomas Hepburn, Director  -  West Valley HS Band, CA (5/14/2015)
I don't think I can live without Charms ever again!

Blair Schrader  -  Sauk Rapids Rice HS Band , MN (5/13/2015)
I’ve been a technical writer for 15 years, so I’ve had my share of encounters with software. I love the Chat option you have, and how quickly I always get answers to my questions. You guys truly have the best customer support of any software company I’ve worked for and with. Tell your boss you rock!

Dr. Kelli Dower  -  Arlington HS Choir, Riverside, CA (5/6/2015)
Charms is awesome and so is the tech support!!

Natalie Phillips-Perkoff  -  Campbell Middle School, Texas (4/7/2015)
Thank you :) I love my "new" job. It comes with Charms!

Mark Conaway  -  Sunnyvale Raider Bands, TX (3/30/2015)
Thanks for a great product!

Eric Ratica   -  Norwayne Local Schools, OH (3/19/2015)
OH MY GOSH I LOVE IT!!!!! I’m sure you’ve heard this multiple times but I think it’s quickly going to get to the point to where I don’t know how I ever functioned without Charms!

Alan Slightom  -  Perry Meridian, IN (2/19/2015)
You folks just keep making Charms better and better!

Cherith Wells  -  Waller High School, Texas (1/14/2015)
I just wanted to say THANK YOU for letting us know this (UIL entry through Charms), I had never explored that part of Charms, and it saved us SO MUCH TIME when entering Solo & Ensemble. Thanks!

Yellow Board poster, December 11, 2014  -  ,  (12/12/2014)
In answer to the question: "Is Charms worth the money?"...

1,000x yes. Everything others say (above) is accurate. Worth. Every. Penny.

Robbie Trescavage
Director of Bands  -  Cocalico High School, Pennsylvania
We have been using Charms for about 2 years and have found it to be a perfect, central hub for all of our organizational needs. Thanks!

VMEA conference attendee  -  , VA (11/22/2014)
"Where has this been all my teaching life? This is WONDERFUL!"

Val Sisson, Dance Coach  -  Ronald Reagan High School, Texas (10/23/2014)
Just wanted to let you know how wonderful I think that your product is. I'm a veteran dance director of 10 years in North East Independent School District in San Antonio TX and found Charms 3 years ago. I have helped set up 7 other schools with Charms because I LOVE and believe in your product. They are now in love with all of the functions of your site. It has been endlessly useful and such a time saver.


Thomas C. Dougherty, director of Bands  -  Jensen Beach High School, Florida (10/23/2014)
Charms has been one of the BEST investments that I have made since I began teaching. The online databases are so easy to use and the mobile apps/technology make utilizing CHARMS so simple. When I can’t figure something out, they have the MOST AMAZING tech support I have ever seen. They have always been able to fix or help with any issue that I have had. I recommend CHARMS to ALL of my music education colleagues!

Lee McCanless, Parent/Booster  -  Riverdale High School Band, TN (9/30/2014)
Our band program utilizes the CHARMS program in an ever-increasing capacity, and, as a parent, boy am I glad!

Brittany Lozano  -  Eden Bulldog Band, TX (9/26/2014)
I am a second year teacher, and I could not function without Charms!

Aaron McFarlane
Saint John Centre Director  -  Sistema New Brunswick, Canada
We really like CHARMS - we’re now using it for 5 of our orchestra centres across the province of New Brunswick, Canada!

Angela Badon  -  Dobie High School, Texas (9/26/2014)
Thanks for sharing your computer genius with us crazy musicians. CHARMS is the best!

Phil Vallejo  -  James C Enochs High School Music, CA (9/24/2014)
It seems like each week we are blown away by something new in Charms. We absolutely love it!

Paula Knight   -  Pasadena Fine Arts, TX (9/22/2014)
I'm the new choir director at Travis Middle School and am using Charms through Temple ISD. I love Charms! I sing you praises all the time and have been helping the new teachers in our district get on board with it as well. Thanks for a great product and all the support you guys give us. Have a great day!

Robin DeVault  -  Orange Grove Drama Boosters, Fl (9/22/2014)
We love the program and will be purchasing! I am a complete CHARMS fan and have moved at least four (4) of our organizations to it. I was thrilled with the new server addition, the response time is greatly improved.

Gary Stutzman  -  Charlevoix Rayder Bands, MI (9/2/2014)
The CharmsOffice management system is the most comprehensive tool that I have come across in my 40 + years of teaching -- and I am excited get started using it to manage my growing program! I am an ex- retired band director that took my first band job in 1969 and I retired in the summer of 2012... but recently, I took a job with the school that I graduated from. I am building the band program, and it has become absolutely apparent to me that I need to be using Charms!!!

Dana Lowe, Orchestra Director  -  Mill Creek HS, Houghton, GA (8/25/2014)
I am a new CHARMS customer, and I can't tell you how much I LOVE it!!!! I have 260 high school orchestra students, and it has saved me so much time already. It is so refreshing to find that a product is just as good (or better) than advertised!! I SO appreciate how user friendly it is as well.

Carol Bellgrau, Choral Director  -  Blount High School, TN (7/24/2014)
I can't live without my Charms! This website is the best thing ever!

Avious Jackson
Assistant Band Director  -  Mason High School, OH
Contracts are working great! Thank you so much for setting this up. Charms is really a fantastic program! I love that you take user experiences and tweak the program to fit specific needs. What an amazing product.

David Merrill, Director  -  Longmont HS, CO (5/16/2014)
I appreciate your customer service. You have a very effective product!

Jeff Kroner  -  Butler Area School District, PA (3/18/2014)
The Butler Area (PA) Band program has been using Charms for the past 24 months. It is quite simply a tool that we could not do without. The recording studio feature enables us to build portfolios and offer individual assessment critiques. The calendar allows us to share all important dates and allows parent to sync with any smart device. The financing features makes trip/fundraising easy to maintain and confidential for each parent/student, and the email/text feature allows us to select specific groups to receive communications promptly. We also love the Charms Mobile app! Once again, Charms makes my job much easier to do! In this era, anything that helps me focus on students more and bookkeep less is essential.

Tim Pry, Dir. of Inst. Music  -  Sun Valley High School, PA (3/18/2014)
The Charms Mobile app makes things easier when I'm on the go! Thanks!

James Engelbert  -  Flat Rock High School Band, MI (3/12/2014)
Implementing Charms is one of the best decisions I have made in my 24 year career...

Josh Brunger  -  Midview (OH) HS, OH (2/6/2014)
This program has saved my bacon so many times, it's not even funny... THANK YOU, CHARMS!!!

Orchestra Parent attending FMEA  -  Vero Beach HS Orchestra, FL (1/9/2014)
"Thank you, Charms! We don't know how we got along without you!!!"

Choir Boosters  -  Osbourn High School, Virginia (12/4/2013)
We love Charms! This is the first year for us and it has helped us so much. For the first time ever we have collected costume fee on time for 130 students. It is so nice not to have to hand any collections over to our school finance department.

Thank you!

Patrick Mainieri  -  Illinois State University, IL (11/18/2013)
Thank you for helping present the Charms system to the Senior music students at Illinois State University for their monthly NAfME meeting. At one point, one of the students spoke up and said, “Is there anything this program can’t do???!!!”

Dr. Craig Pare'  -  DePauw University, IN (11/7/2013)
Thank you for presenting the Charms system to my DePauw University music methods class! As we now begin to learn about the administrative end of being a public school music teacher, I am going to refer to the CHARMS components regularly throughout the rest of the semester!

Sonya Williams  -  Camden County HS Band, GA (7/17/2013)
I just noticed the videos on Charms and just wanted to thank you. They make life so much easier. I am a very happy (band) camper.

Laura Lewis  -  Floyd Central HS, IN (7/2/2013)
I just wanted to pass along a great big "Thank You" for the wonderful conference! My wheels have been churning since I've been home in thinking about all of the uses we can use Charms for our choir and theatre programs. Thanks for the thorough training and fun times in Atlanta!

Rhonda Simmons
Database Coordinator  -  Science Hill High School, Tennessee
My time with Charms is nearly done. My daughter graduated today. My replacement and I are doing the rollover and official hand-off on the 15th. I want you to know that I have thoroughly enjoyed working with you on the Science Hill HS Band installation.

Just want you to know that I truly am grateful to have someone as good as you on the other end of all my software inquiries!

Scott Hague, Dir. of Orchestras  -  Grayson High School, Loganville, GA (5/20/2013)
Hey Charms folks, can you send me next year's invoice early? I'd like to get a jump on it and can't live without your AWESOME database system!

Harold F. Sampson, III, Band Director  -  J.R. Tucker High School, VA (5/7/2013)
Charms is fantastic! I've enjoyed the ease of use and the TIME it has saved me.

Janice Bengtson
director  -  J.O. Kelly Middle School, Arkansas
I am in a high-poverty school and we finance over 100 instruments for students all on individual payments - there is no way I could track all that, and teach too, without the Charms program... Thank you, Charms!

Shelby ("Skippy") Thompson, Band Booster  -  Lynhurst 7-8 Center, IN (3/1/2013)
If you don't have Charms Office Assistant, get it! It's an easy way to keep track of inventory (instruments), keep track of student accounts and view your library on any mobile device everywhere. Students can log in to the student section to find forms, events, and even music mp3's. Music programs every where should have this.

Allyson Brown Applebaum, Dir. of Choral Activites  -  Houston Community College, TX (2/15/2013)
When I was a band parent, the CHARMS system saved my sanity -- allowing me to get the information that I needed, when I needed it!!! It was a lifesaver! Thank you, Charms!!!

Pamela Dawson  -  DeSoto High School, Texas (2/14/2013)
The best investment I have ever made was to get Charms. It has been a lifesaver.!!!!!!!!!

Various Florida Band Directors  -  at FMEA convention, FL (1/11/2013)
"I just want to say THANK YOU for this wonderful product!!!"

Joe Galvin, Band Director  -  Marysville Schools, Ohio  (1/10/2013)
I want to thank you and your staff for hitting this one out of the park! This summary is EXACTLY what I need to make my life A LOT EASIER!!!!

What I am most pleased with is how accessible & responsive your staff was to my request for the improvement.

Susan Wright, Secretary  -  Boroondara Brass, Melbourne, Australia (12/21/2012)
Just wanted to take this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Bright New Year.

This year Boroondara Brass was the champion A Grade Brass Band and Harmony Brass-Victorian 2012 C Grade Champions !

We have been using charms for 12 month, we love it and all the magical things it can do!

Ryan Gonder, Director  -  Lake Fenton HS Band, MI (12/14/2012)
Wow. You continue to impress me, as always. I will use your product until the day I retire (so I guess that means forever). Thank you!

Renee Skipper, Dept. Secretary  -  Center Grove High School, IN (12/7/2012)
Charms and Charms Tech Support makes my life SOOO much easier! Thank you!

A. Olson, D Wesbecker, K Griffin  -  Waconia High School Show Choirs, MN (12/3/2012)
"We have looked at a number of options, but will most likely transition into using the Charms Office Assistant. By using Charms, we can easily put students into groups and target our communication specifically to groups or to the entire musical organization. Charms will also provide a secure way for parents to access their student account balances easily."
From the article, "Developing a Successful And Relevant Website For Your Show Choir", in PRODUCTIONS magazine, Nov/Dec 2012
THANKS, Waconia!!!

Ted Shistle, Ass't Band Dir.  -  Hagerty HS Band, FL (11/5/2012)
We investigated the 'insert hyperlink' feature in the Charms calendar event creation: Just copied the link from the URL of the uploaded document when you preview it in the communications tab and then made it the hyper link. Now when my parents click on the event on the calendar, they can click on the link directly to the .pdf file (which looks very official and is easily printed out). Cool! Go CHARMS! and thank you for your help!

Stephen Brookes, director  -  Newington High School, CT (10/31/2012)
I LOVED being able to listen to the Jazz Band auditions in my car through the mobile app. Fantastic. Saved me so much time!!! It was so nice to be able to go back and forth listening comparing students auditions. And listening during my commute was simply terrific.

Scott Hague, Director of Orchestras  -  Grayson High School, GA (10/17/2012)
I struggle with task delegation since it doesn't always get done exactly the way I want it, but having the ability to create Helper logins to spread out the workload beats sitting up till 1AM every night trying to keep up with the workload of running 5 large orchestras. You guys at Charms must be been band/orchestra directors at some point -- you "get" us completely. Also, I can't even begin to describe what I used to go through using Excel and Word to mail merge bank statements, wasting SO much time. Giving students and parents the control to access their own financial ledgers has reduced my email inbox load significantly. Thanks so much - It's well worth the $!

Donna Norton, Booster President  -  Valdosta High School Band, GA (10/17/2012)
Having links in the Bank Ledger cash position report is like the best Christmas present ever! And being able to list other Helpers in the parent email list is VERY useful, as well. We appreciate you taking feedback from us users to help make the site better -- Thank you for reminding us of why we started using Charms in the first place! We'll continue to highly recommend it to other organizations!

Julie Hopkins  -  Westlake High School Band, Texas (10/4/2012)
I've been a happy Charms user starting on my 4th year now. Your customer service is KING! Seriously, I can't speak highly enough about you and your company and all that you do for us.

Sharron Moore, Orchestra Booster  -  Pasadena Memorial HS, TX (9/11/2012)
It is so nice to work with a program that has real people that take the time to contact all that use their program. I can't count the times I have asked a question on line and had an employee answer with "call me". You have a wonderful program, and that is a huge part of why I can manage all the orchestra information so well. You're the best!

Barbara Nelsen  -  Stratford High School, Texas (9/5/2012)
Thank you again :) you are truly awesome! So glad that you are always ready to help us in the field!

Naomi Suwa
Booster President  -  Torrance High School, California
Thanks to you good folks in Support and Programming for providing us with the option to list the student and adult cell carriers on a report. I'd asked about that during a previous chat and not too long after that VOILA! There it is!

You guys are great! Thanks again!!

Kaizen -- a Japanese word for always striving for improvement, being one's best :)

I know that you can't always respond to individual requests -- after all, this isn't a custom program -- but I appreciate how responsive you are when it makes sense for a large number of your users. And I most appreciate the availability and the expertise of your Chat Support.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Kevin Odell  -  Parlier High School, California (8/16/2012)
Why can’t more companies be like yours? You guys are amazing. The customer service, talking with people on the phone, Blinky, just amazing. It even makes coffee!

Shelley Cunningham  -  Rider High School, Texas (8/16/2012)
Charms was a LIFESAVER for us as we prepared for our London trip for over 200 people!!

Our band had the distinct honor of opening the British Olympic year with the first official event of 2012 and the Queen's Diamond Jubilee when they marched in the New Year's Day Parade in London!!

Eric Wilkinson, Choir Director  -  Wando (SC) High School, SC (8/13/2012)
We love Charms! This is the best money we spend all year!

Mike Major, Band Director  -  Mesquite, TX (8/1/2012)
Just wanted you to know I emailed my summer band letters from Hawaiian Falls Water Park... Composed the draft last night. Brought it up in Charms Mobile and sent it just now, with my feet in the water, JUST LIKE THAT PHOTO ON YOUR WEBSITE! WOOOOOOOOO!!!! Mike

Jennifer Alarcon, Choir Director  -  Rice Middle School, Texas (7/24/2012)
There are multiple times during the course of the school year that I think, "If I didn't have CHARMS, I would have a bunch of spreadsheets and would just die."

Shelly Harrington-King  -  McCallum High School, Texas (7/20/2012)
You guys have thought of just about everything! I have been so impressed with your company! Thank you so much! And the Conference/Training was awesome. I think we are going to have a really great year this year and your program will play a big part in that!

Vernon (Tom) Padgett, Director of Bands  -  Tennessee High School, TN (6/28/2012)
We LOVE the Charms system. It's truly been a blessing to us and will continue to make things so much better for our program!

Jeff Kesser, Band Director  -  West Mifflin Area H.S., PA (4/25/2012)
WOW, CHARMS IS AWESOME!!! Thanks so much for your quick tech support help! I am loving the way that this product works…

Tori Lawton
Treasurer  -  Woodstock Wolverine Band Boosters, Georgia
I'm so grateful to Charms!! This marching season I kept thinking I was forgetting something over and over and over again. The season ended and I didn't forget a thing. Realized it was because Charms took care of it for me and I didn't have 500 spreadsheets to worry about and work with.

It was fantastic!

Dr. Regina Diagre, band parent  -  Fayette County HS, GA (1/6/2012)
Thanks to everyone at Charms for your quick response on helping with passwords. Mission accomplished -- You guys are AWESOME!

Christopher Rhodes (Facebook post), Choral Director  -  Cedar Hill High School, TX (12/31/2011)
... I am loving CHARMS! I posted all of my solo/ensemble music and learning audio tracks on there so they are fully accessible to my students over the Xmas break, wherever they are! If you are a music teacher and haven't started using CHARMS, I highly recommend it!

George Jones, Fine Arts Adminstrator  -  Garland ISD, TX (12/7/2011)
I have heard so many positive comments about how CHARMS has made my Directors’ lives easier. Well -- I’m using the CHARMS District-wide inventory management capabilities to make MY life easier!

Ann Meyer  -  Centerville High School Choir Boosters, OH (12/1/2011)
Charms customer service response is awesome!! Let me put it in context...I'm overwhelmed with things personal and school related...just like everyone else...and to get such a speedy response is just unheard of, no matter what the situation. And when it's computer-related, it's even more unusual. Thank you so much!!!

Cherith Wells
Choir Director  -  Waller High School, Texas
I wanted you to know, I LOVE CHARMS!!!! :) The more I work with it, the more I love it. It has come in handy so many stinkin times already, and we've only been in school 3 weeks!!

I used to create a Excel worksheet for each school year, and I had tabs with separate pages for every collected item, every fundraiser, folder list, shirt list, uniform list, attendance lists, etc, etc, etc. It worked great and I was very used to it, but it did not have the easy access to student/parent contact info like Charms does.

Not to mention the online access from home.

Not to mention the ability to let student helpers input info.

I was SO excited when I sent an email to 26 parents, from my iPhone, while waiting in line at Sonic. Blew me away! LOL

I've already been able to get more parental involvement in this short school year, than ever before! So thank you, I'm a customer for life! And I have barely even scratched the surface of the tools it has to offer.

Tanya McNiel  -  Gunter High School Band, TX (11/4/2011)
I have to say that I LOVE Charms!!!!! I wish I had used it 3 years ago when I started working here. It is amazing!

Peggy Bardes, Booster Secretary  -  Collierville High School Band, TN (10/20/2011)
Great customer service is hard to find these days---glad that CHARMS has it!!

Warren Mize, Director  -  East Central HS Choirs, TX (9/15/2011)
WE LOVE CHARMS!! It's revolutionized the way we do choir and theory!!


Keith Ruether
Director of Bands  -  Lebanon High School Band, Missouri
As a self-professed "Computer Idiot" I love Charms!

And the texting reminders doubled our attendance at the first Booster club meeting of the year.

Ed Stein, Director  -  Round Rock HS Band!, TX (8/17/2011)
Awesome... Yet again, Charms gives me reason to celebrate the miracles of technology, with ready-made capability for garment bag labels with name and contents listed. Oh, and being able to take roll in marching band with the Mobile App from out on the marching field via phone is yet another miracle!!!

Rob Draper, Director  -  Naaman Forest H S Choir, TX (8/17/2011)
Charms is awesome....... that is all...... - Facebook post

Christopher Rhodes, Director  -  Cedar Hill H. S. Choir, TX (8/16/2011)
"I just finished putting my entire calendar into CHARMS, and then synced it to both my iPhone and my iPad. I'm so cool...." --- Facebook post

Marisa Perry  -  Sideline Sports Cheerleading, TX (8/12/2011)
I am LOVING this program!!!!!! I can’t even TELL you how much of a relief it is to now have this system in place as I start my new Fall Enrollment!!! I’ve already had one parent log in and pay their tuition online and it worked BEAUTIFULLY! I will now be able to collect late payments by simply adding the charge to their account and DONE! I am SO EXCITED!!!! THANK YOU!

DuWayne Dale, Director of Bands  -  Daviess County High School, KY (7/26/2011)
From the July 2011 issue of SBO 'Clearing Hurdles in Music Education' roundtable interview article: "Be organized.... purchase Charms Office Assistant. It has allowed me to organize my library, inventory, student data, finances, fundraisers, parent volunteer info, and so much more in one location." Thanks for the shout-out, DuWayne!!!!

Brent Johnson, Director of Bands  -  McDowell High School, PA (7/22/2011)
The Charms program is FANTASTIC!!!

DuWayne Dale
Director of Bands  -  Daviess County High School, Kentucky
I'm hooked on Charms!

It has been very well received by parents and has made life a lot easier.

Beejay Precure
Treasurer  -  Heritage High School, TX
I love the help support on ranks #1 for me!

Eric Wilkinson, Director  -  Wando High School Choir, SC (7/12/2011)
I just wanted to let you guys know that I was just using the seating chart function. I had never used it before and it ROCKS!!!!! Thank you so much for all you guys do!!!! I LOVE CHARMS!!!!!

J.S.  -  Fine Arts Secretary, Texas (6/21/2011)
I love you...again and always and continuously!!!! You ROCK!!!!


Dan Ruckman, Director  -  Coldwater High School, OH (6/17/2011)
I can't even begin to calculate the number of hours Charms has saved me just this summer so far, getting things ready for Band Camp! Since I am the only director in our district and have 300+ students to keep organized, it has been a life saver MANY times. THANKS!

Sue Bugg (#1 Fan)  -  Hubbard Middle School, Texas (6/14/2011)
Thanks, Charms bunch, for all of your help and care during the past 11 years.

Without you and Charms, my job would have been MUCH harder!

Your #1 fan,

Cindy Case, Booster Treasurer  -  Central Dauphin H S, Harrisburg, PA (6/7/2011)
Thank you so much for your assistance and conversation yesterday! Every time someone from our organization has been in contact with people at Charms we have come away extremely impressed at your dedication to customer service and friendliness. Choosing to use Charms for our band and booster program has been one of the best decisions we've ever made!

John Cooper, Band Director and ABA President  -  Austin High School, AL (6/6/2011)
We are about 2-3 weeks into the trial subscription for Charms -- I was especially pleased at how quickly I was able to use the excel import wizards to get my info uploaded. I loaded over 100 students, 1000+ musical titles, and around 500 inventory items within 2 hours!!!

Eric Wilkinson, Choir Director  -  Wando High School, Mt. Pleasant, SC (6/1/2011)
I went deeper into Charms this year for music library, group emails, and trip ledger... It was amazing! It made the job of coordinating all the details and logistics of a large program SO much easier. I love being able to click on the mail icon to send out an update of student financial statements! Thanks so much for all you do!

Danika White
Director of Bands  -  Monett R-I Schools, Missouri
In the past two weeks I have felt like I'm living on Charms! I have printed statements for the high school band, e-mailed them home to their parents the next week, gotten the calendar for next year lined out and done inventory, more inventory, and more inventory. I've marked everything going out for summer repair and will be providing our repair guys with a print out of everything that is going to them.

Music is being checked back in and the band library is finally completely on Charms. We'll be printing labels this summer to get our boxes marked consistently. We're also in the process of buying new uniforms and I promise you that bar codes will be going in those to speed up our check out/in process.

In the meantime, we've been with-in 27 miles of Joplin, MO (thanks for checking on us the night of the storm!) and we've used Charms to contact our families to let them know that Missouri Bands are banding together to help the Joplin band family with supplies, money and anything else that they need. Our trailer is full and will roll tomorrow to another Charms school (Webb City) where they will help distribute everything out.

Thanks Charms for everything you do! It makes our lives easier and makes our parents happier. That's a WIN/WIN if I've ever heard one!

Roger Redden, Director of Bands  -  Central (AL) High School / Phenix City, AL (5/10/2011)
We like the Charms text/phone message capabilities – On our recent band trip, it was great to know that we could have made immediate changes with our entire group if needed. What a great backup plan!!!!

Justin Butterfras
Band Director  -  Ryan Junior High School, Texas
I love how easy you guys make things and how well you support your product. Today I had a problem, clicked on "mr. blinky", got a call back, and a few minutes later was talking to Keith and getting the help I need (Thanks to Lori).

Tori -- Booster Treasurer  -  Woodstock (GA) High School, GA (5/9/2011)
I have been running a budget of over $200,000, using 513 spreadsheet pages, and all manually by myself. I am really excited about the Charms financial capabilities and 24/7 shared online access - it is exactly what I have been looking for! I can hardly wait to really get into Charms and make life easier -- thanks so much for your help!

Suzanne Horner  -  CHS (TX) Drill Team, TX (5/6/2011)
The Charms system just saved my behind with all my parents. We had a district wide email "crash" today, and at this point all of my parent contact info is MIA in my Outlook account. Thank goodness I had all my student/parent info in Charms!!!

Adair Melton, Ass't. Band Director  -  Hooks Bands, TX (4/15/2011)
I just wanted to let you know I LOVE the new Charms site!

Ryan Gonder  -  Director, Lake Fenton HS Band, MI (4/11/2011)
I love your product!

Jan Weaver  -  Milton (FL) High School, Florida (3/11/2011)
I am in charge of the finances for the Milton High School Band in Milton, Florida and we have been using your program this school year and LOVE IT!! It is much more user friendly than the previous program that we used. I have also found that with having the account information online, our band fees have been paid quicker this year.

Kevin Schoenbach, Director  -  Oswego High School Band, FL (3/9/2011)
We love our Charms around here!! :^)

Katherine Zahara, Associate Choir Director  -  Simsbury High School, Connecticut (3/9/2011)
As an avid Charms cheerleader, I just wanted to take a moment to say that the new layout looks FANTASTIC! Charms helps our department stay organized and cuts down on unnecessary paperwork, emails, and time-wasting "chores" that music departments need to do in order to run efficiently. It has been a great part of our year, and I look forward to the upcoming changes!

Dayna Rouse  -  Kenwood Academy Concert Choir, Illinois (3/8/2011)
The Charms system is second to none. Keep up the great work!! I LOVE how the system makes our lives as parent volunteers EASY!!!

Jesse Woolery - Director of Jazz Studies Program  -  Denton High School, Texas (3/8/2011)
You guys rock. This year over $100,000 in cash will have come across my desk. The Charms system has made keeping track of the finances so easy!


Cecil Houston II, Director of Bands  -  Maynard H. Jackson HS, GA (2/14/2011)
For the record, I think that Charms is one of the best programs I have ever used or seen!

Julie Rhodes, Choir Director  -  Leander Middle School, Texas (2/11/2011)
Charms saved my life!!!!

Kelly Rosselit  -  Park View Intermediate, Texas (2/11/2011)
Charms has made my life so much easier! All of my student documents are electronically organized so I don't have to keep so many files. Charms also makes registering for UIL competitions a breeze!

Becky Behning, Assistant Band Director  -  Hernandez Middle School, TX (2/11/2011)
Charms Office Assistant makes it easy to have an organized program and it presents important information to my students and parents. I LOVE CHARMS!!!

Jim Taylor  -  Eustace ISD, TX (2/10/2011)
Charms is one of the biggest helps I've discovered since I started teaching band 35 years ago!

Magda Morales  -  Lamar Middle School, Tx (2/10/2011)
Charms has been a lifesaver! Wherever we go, it goes with us -- if we need to contact a parent, we can do it through the website from anywhere, any time!

Cheryl Wilson
Director of Choirs  -  Garland High School, Texas
I had a need to use the text feature of Charms and it is WONDERFUL!!! Easy easy......thank you so much!

Jim Frye, Technology Coordinator  -  Upper Sandusky Schools, OH (1/28/2011)
Charms has been a godsend for us!!!

Regina Cane, Band Parent  -  Heritage High School , AR (1/26/2011)
What a great program. My son never brings anything home that he's supposed to, so now I have the ability to know what’s going on! I downloaded his commitment form from the Charms website, and will send it with him tomorrow. Thank you for looking for better ways to communicate with us parents.

Kelly Bryan  -  Basic High School, Orch. and Guitar, NV (1/25/2011)
We LOVE Charms here at Basic! Couldn't live without it!

FMEA Band Director Attendee  -  , FL (1/15/2011)
"Dude, you have SOOOO got to get Charms for your band!!!" -- FMEA attendee to colleague

Dr. Ken Ozello, Director  -  University of Alabama
Million Dollar Band, Alabama
You are certainly welcome to list us a customer!

You have an excellent product that makes our program more efficient.

Rhonda Taylor
Band Booster Treasurer  -  McKinney North High School, Texas
It's been a long time since I trained with you on Charms and a long time since I've had to contact you! What a great trainer you must be! I love how easy Charms has made my job as treasurer for the MNHS Band Boosters...thank you for putting together such a great program!

Jennifer Nicol, Head Director  -  Ubly H. S. Band, MI (11/16/2010)
We are loving having the Charms system - in a couple years I won't know how I lived without it!!!

Terry Adkins  -  Lincoln Park Academy, FL (11/10/2010)
Just wanted to let you know how much we at Lincoln Park Academy appreciate the support we get from all of you. The Calendar sync is incredible. We love it. Keep up the good work!

David Lesser, Dir. of Bands  -  Clovis North H S, CA (11/3/2010)
CHARMS is working extraordinarily well for us. Being a new school it has quickly improved communication between staff, parent volunteers as well as all parents. It has helped things be organized from the early stages of our program so things were able to run efficiently from the beginning.

Fred Mullen  -  Surfside Middle School Choir, Florida (11/2/2010)
I love using Charms - THANK you! It has organized me in productive ways far more than anything I have tried before! This is great!

Lesley Moffat, Director of Jazz, Bands, & Percussion  -  Jackson High School, WA (10/25/2010)
Charms has fundamentally changed how my entire program is organized, and has freed me up to spend a lot more time teaching instead of dealing with redundant paperwork!

Mark Riel  -  North Brunswick High School, North Carolina (10/21/2010)
This program continues to amaze me!

Josh Bartz, Director of Bands  -  Portage Northern High School, MI (10/21/2010)
Absolutely love the program - I can't begin to thank you all enough for this amazing website... CHARMS has improved my productivity 10 fold this year!

Cheri Brightman, Band Director  -  Lynhurst 7-8 Grade Center , IN (10/21/2010)
Thank God for Charms!!!

Charles Martin, Band Director  -  H.L. Richards High School, IL (10/21/2010)
You people do a great job...

Jeff Dodd
SJCCA Choral Director  -  St. Augustine High School, Florida
I LOVE this program - it has made my life with all these students and parents SOOOOOO much easier.

Michael Berning, Director of Bands  -  Kettering City Schools, OH (9/14/2010)
I LOVE YOU FOR THE MOBILE APP INCLUDING ATTENDANCE!!!! We rehearse at our stadium with no wifi and taking attendance used to be a pain in the you-know-what ----- I love Charms!

Tamara Hart  -  , Texas (9/14/2010)
I appreciate the quick response and the phone contact information. It demonstrates what is increasingly becoming a rare level of committment to customer service and I think it is wonderful.

I will be certain to share with the rest of the group as we are discussing purchasing another subscription to CHARMS for a second organization.

Lynn Houston  -  Lee's Summit West High School Band, Missouri (9/8/2010)
The support you offer is tremendous!

I really like the interactive help sessions and you are very knowledgeable about the product.

Linda Baldwin  -  Stephen F. Austin HS Orchestra, Texas (9/8/2010)
92 entries in 10 minutes or less. What could be easier than that! We are good to go! I have been active in setting up new booster programs in the Fort Bend ISD and Lamar CISD. You have a good product and a good support system to go with it.

Michelle Moss, Director  -  Olentangy H S Orchestra, Ohio (8/20/2010)
Everyone I have dealt with at Charms has been absolutely wonderful... I am loving the system so far - Charms is a great product, and using it is better than having Christmas!

Keith Johnson, Communications  -  Huntsville High School Band, Texas (7/13/2010)
I love Charms and its super tech support!

Vern Lewis, Director  -  Mesquite Poteet H S Orch, Texas (5/20/2010)
"You guys ROCK!!!"

Wally Shaw, Director  -  Houston County H S Band, Georgia (4/23/2010)
"CHARMS is the 'Mac Daddy' of programs! Our parents are consistently impressed with all its functions!"

Marshall C. Kimball, Director of Bands  -  Marietta College, Ohio (4/23/2010)
"After evaluating 3 different administrative software programs, my Music With Technology students unanimously chose Charms as the most user friendly, and the one that they would buy for their own student music programs. I have to admit that it is the one I would choose as well, and can see getting it for the instrumental music program here at Marietta College. Very impressive!"

Bill Thomas
Director of Bands  -  Shawnee Mission West High School, Kansas
CHARMS continues to amaze us with it's flexibility to handle almost every band data management task we can throw at it. Keep up the great work.

Currently our Wind Ensemble is preparing to perform at the Kansas MEA convention on February 26 and our top Jazz ensemble is preparing to take a tour of New Orleans – the birthplace of jazz. Thanks for helping us make all the paperwork for these trips more bearable!

Kris McDowall
Booster President  -  Middleburg High School, Florida
The Band parents of Middleburg High School really do love your service. It is such an improvement over whatever we did before (which I am suppressing for my own sanity) and does a tremendous job of meeting our many needs. It has improved our accounting and tracking processes immeasurably and the ability to painlessly send group emails has allowed us to keep our parents well informed, which has increased our participation noticeably.

Charms is well worth the price, truly a great value, and that is rare in this day and time. Thanks for the great product and the fantastic customer service which comes with it!

Thanks for what you do, I certainly appreciate it and it makes my job much, much easier.

Oscar Padilla
Choir Director  -  O'Banion Middle School, Texas
We were one of the first Charms users ever, and when I came back to O'Banion to be the choir director I realized that nobody was keeping our Charms up to date. I personally LOVE the software and am so glad we have it. If I'm around (which I plan to be) I am sure we will be with you guys for a very long time!!!

Thanks again. I really appreciate your help.

Matthew Hiller
Band Director  -  Smith Middle School Band, Texas
Thanks again!

You know I've been using Charms for at least 6 years. I cannot imagine trying to manage all of the info Charms does in a program like Excel like I did when I first started teaching.

Calya Cardiff
Choir Teacher  -  Hopewell Middle School, Texas
Dear Charms,

I love you. <3

Band Booster Secretary  -  Franklin High School Band, Tennessee (10/2/2009)
Thanks for all you do for us.

We're coming up on our 3 year anniversary with Charms, & there is no way I could do my volunteer job as effectively and technologically stress-free without Charms.

Susan Harkins
Volunteer Coordinator  -  East Jessamine High School, Kentucky
I am amazed at the speed of the support at CHARMS.

Thank you so much for adding the volunteer area. As the volunteer coordinator it makes my job a lot easier to organize events and communicate with the other volunteers.

Once again, thank you for your expertise and support of your users.

Cynthia Sobering
Assistant Band Director  -  Highland Park Middle School, Texas
Thanks so much for making these improvements to Charms. I am so impressed with immediacy of response to suggestions for improvements in Charms.

Truly great customer service!

Dodie Akin
President  -  Akron Music Parents Association, Inc., OH
Thanks so much!!!

We just love your CHARMS program. It has made life for everyone soooooo much easier to say the least.

Now that people are getting more familiar with all of functions and how to do things, we are as plesaed as punch!

Keep up the good work!

Karen Eaton
Booster Club President  -  Mayde Creek High School Orchestra, Texas
As the end of the school year draws near and my youngest child graduates, I find I will really miss working with you guys at CHARMS!!! You all have been WONDERFUL and have a WONDERFUL program going!! Will miss you guys but may still hang around and help out the treasurer now and then so I won't abandon your email address!!!!

The poor directors have SOOOO much to do that anything WE as parents can do to help is appreciated by them!

Gina Flynn  -  Fayette Middle School, Georgia (11/24/2008)
Thank you so much for your prompt response! I've complimented you before on your customer service. I can't stress enough how refreshing and important it is to know that there is someone who will answer your questions.

Stephanie Pawlowski
Administrative Assistant  -  GAMAC, South Carolina
Charms has definitely helped me A LOT! Just having the music library on-line for our 5 directors is a TREMENDOUS help! Assistants for our nine performing organizations can go on-line now and update information at their convenience!

Thanks so much for making this available to organizations!

Terry N. Adkins  -  Lincoln Park Academy, Florida (10/16/2008)
I love this program!

Sent from my iPhone

Alicia Eissler  -  Strack Intermediate School, Texas (9/29/2008)
Just wanted to let you know how very happy I am with Charms. My students' first grade was to sit down with their parents and fill out all their info on Charms. That left me very little data entering to do - YEA!!!!!

I just used the gradebook feature yesterday and got my grades done in time for Progress Reports without having to set up any extra files. I even got an online question answered that made grade entry easier and quicker (love that feature!).

Then I went home last night and entered all of the fifth graders' names and addresses so that when I came to school today, all I had to do was print out the labels for their postcards. And when we have our organizational meeting next week, I'll pass out information to those parents for them to enter all of their data. And they are going to be thrilled at the news that once they do that, they may never have to do it again. And no more staying at school until ungodly hours just to do data entry for me either!!!

Now, I'm working on entering about 3 pages of library a night while I'm watching TV. At that rate, it'll take me about another week to get it all in and I'll tweak it forever, but then the only thing I'll need to do is our inventory and I'll get my officers to help me with that one day after school.

As far as I'm concerned, Charms is the best thing since sliced bread. Thank you so much for pushing this through.

Christopher M. Ferrell
Director of Bands  -  Hillgrove High School , Georgia
As a brand new band program (est. 2006) Charms has been an absolutely essential part of our development. Students and parents can access information from Charms and our band website 24 hours a day! We can assure that they have the most efficient and up-to-date info...period.

Thanks for helping us get off the ground!!!

Carol Meriwether  -  Henderson County High School, Kentucky (6/30/2008)
I do want to compliment your company on the on-line group classes. They really work out well for getting instruction available to everyone across the country, with the ability to talk to a "live person" for questions along the way. The Finances class I found especially helpful, even after I had worked in the Charms system for several months on my own. One of our middle schools is getting ready to promote their 8th graders into our system, and I am looking forward to not having to enter all their info manually. Thanks again for all the timely help.

I also want to compliment you all on the Charms system itself. As a former IT professional myself (20 yrs at Bristol-Myers Squibb, and lead the mainframe Y2K project at Mead Johnson in Evansville, IN) I have developed and worked with many different databases and systems. Charms is a well developed system that is easy to use, with almost every bell and whistle I can think of at this point. I also appreciate the continuing enhancements you provide, even upon request during one of your classes. It is enjoyable being on the "user" side of the system this time.

Alex Wells, Band Director  -  Port Neches-Groves High School, Texas (5/30/2008)
Thanks so much! We always appreciate you and your staff's hard work to keep us happy -- keep up the great work!

Greg Heimann
Band Director  -  Valley Traditional High School, Kentucky
I'm loving using Charms and each time I learn more about how to use different features it brings all kinds of possibilities to mind.

Don Buhler
Band Director  -  Pratt High School, Kansas
Charms is awesome! I uploaded everything successfully and I appreciate your help all day. I am not a techie and you made Charms very user friendly.

The Live Chat is very helpful.

Uniforms and bar codes are next! (When I get them back from the cleaners!) Thanks again!

Eric West
Choir Director
President-Elect OMEA District 1  -  Defiance High School, Ohio
Your system has done amazing things for my program!

Keep up the good work.

John L. Washburn
Director of Bands  -  St. James High School, South Carolina
I have been so pleased with CHARMS. We are taking a trip to Washington, D.C. as well as managing our band fees and CHARMS has made managing our individual student account so easy.

We were concerned as to how we would track student funds, but the system has helped so much.

I am also very grateful for the student database it makes communications a breeze.

I love the program so much I have managed to talk two other directors in my district to purchase the program as well, and I am working on the district coordinator to purchase a district-wide license.

Thanks again, you guys have made my life much easier.

Vernon H Moeller, AAGO, MM
Choral Assistant  -  Accompanist and PC Guy
Leander High School, Texas
Thanks for making and supporting such a worthwhile software package!

Overall, Charms is a joy to use and I have absolutely no problem recommending it to other music education professionals. I've already shown it to my son who is a Music Ed major at LSU in Baton Rouge, and he's made a mental note to become one of your customers in the future.

Laura Harston
Assistant Choir Director  -  Magnolia High School, Texas
I was just updating some info in Charms and I noticed the new video training icon. I can't be happier!! As a non-techie kind of person, I tend to only use the areas of Charms that I feel comfortable with. (The program can do much more than I can.) I didn't want to ask lots of questions and now I don't need to!

Charms is great!!

Robert L. Sax
Bandmaster  -  Coral Shores High School, Florida
Thanks Charms! Your customer support is second to none!

Donna French
Treasurer  -  L. D. Bell High School, Texas
Our parents really like Charms! Our band has a very high parent participation rate - over 100 parents went with us to the BOA Grand Nationals in Indianapolis. They really like the online visibility to their accounts and the fact that I can mail or email their statements every time I post something to their account.

Thanks for a great piece of software!

Beth Gove
Choir Director
TMEA Region 26 Vocal Chair  -  Cedar Park High School, Texas
Charms keeps getting better and better all the time and I will NEVER teach without it again!

You can quote me on that!

Jason Schayot
Director of Bands  -  Georgetown High School, Texas
Charms - Just wanted to send you a quick email patting you on the back.

I just uploaded my TMEA entries for Region Orchestra Wind Auditions in less than 10 minutes! It is seamless, easy to use and better than ever!

Thanks so much for all your work on this... this was easier to do than it ever has been before. Your changes to the program are noted and appreciated!

Deborah Divine  -  Enterprise High School, California (10/24/2007)
Thank You! Your software had totally streamlined the record-keeping part of my teaching day.

I could go on and on - but we are great fans of the Charms Music website at Enterprise High.

Marianne Sharp  -  Morton Ranch High School Band, Texas (10/22/2007)
Once again, Charms has an answer and a solution to my question... almost before I can ask it!

Tina Miller  -  East Burke High School, North Carolina (10/22/2007)
We LOVE the system.

And continue to receive sooooo many positive responses from parents.

Erin Foley
Orchestra Director  -  Oylmpia High School, Florida
I am LOVING Charms!!

We just got our All-County orchestra audition excerpts, and in previous years, I would have to make a bunch of copies, pass them out, make more copies when students lost them, make MORE copies when MORE students lost them.

Now I just had to upload the file to my Handouts section and tell the students, "Go to Charms to print out your audition requirements." Talk about stress relief! I can spend less time "makin' copies!" and more time making music!

Bill Connell  -  Grissom High School, Alabama (8/27/2007)
Just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful program!!

Even as computer and program illiterate as I am, I can use Charms!!

Many Thanks!!

Dan Mullen
Director of Bands  -  Riverside High School, North Carolina
Thank you so much for the help.

I just moved up from Texas where we had Charms at my old school, and my first order of business with the boosters was convincing them to get Charms here.

This program is amazing.

Lee Modenbach
Administrative Assistant  -  Dutchtown High School Band, Louisiana
I really like this program. Our band parents say "it's great". Now they are able to keep track of their own finances, etc. and keep me on my toes.

The older system we had been using was available only on one computer in the band director's office. With the old system, when I received a request from a parent to check on their student's account, it took me several days to get back to them. Now they do it themselves.

Charms also saves me time - I don't have to write receipts for each payment (the band students usually lost them anyway) and I can work from my house without adding programs to my personal computer.

Cheryl Wilson
Director of Choir  -  Garland High School, Texas
Can I tell you how much I love doing my state festival entry forms through Charms? Thank you so much for allowing us to use this program. You are the best!

Ted Burton
Band Director  -  Mountain View High School, Oregon
I absolutely love Charms! Adding the PayPal feature has been a blessing to me. Keeping track of fundraisers and collecting money for a trip to Japan is almost easy.

I love it when parents contact me for their balance and I am able to tell them to log into their charms account and check for themselves.

Thanks for developing a great product that keeps getting better!

Kathy Weaver
Treasurer  -  Concord High School Band, Indiana
Charms is working very well for us. We had a lot of fears about set up - if we did this or that would work in the long run. But I found that as I was going along your program was forgiving...allowing me to void and redo if I found a better way to do things.

Making entries was really smooth. It was hard for me to adjust at first, but it is smooooth sailing now!

Also, you have been really good to us, making forms and changing things when we have suggestions.

I thank you VERY MUCH!

John Miller
Director of Bands
Charms Member since 2004  -  American Fork High School, Utah
Charms Music has had a major impact in the administrative aspects of the American Fork Band program. From student lists to total music and instrument inventory, Charms has simplified the process of student and instrument accountability.

Having students and parents access their information from their homes has been a great aid to our program.

Thank you Charms for making my job a bit less complicated and allowing me more time to do what I was hired to do - teach music!

Kathy Kuddes
Director of Fine Arts  -  Plano Independent School District, Texas
The Charms tool provides a wealth of record keeping and communication tools for directors and district administrators. It is wonderful to be able to gather performance dates and enrollment data, track inventory and oversee programs without having to ask staff to interupt their teaching responsibilities. Our district is a more efficient system thanks to Charms.

Mark Howard
Instrumental Music Director  -  Taft Union High School, California
Everyday I am appreciating this service more and more. It is a great tool. My band parents and students are finally getting into checking the calendar and their accounts online. And barcodes are awesome!

Thank you for great customer service.

Rachele Draughn Kennedy
Band Director  -  Calhoun Middle School, Louisiana
Thank you!

I wish everything I needed was taken care of as quickly as it is with Charms. I took all of my students into the computer lab yesterday to enter their info. Again, I love this program!

Hilda Gutierrez
Treasurer   -  Del Valle HS Band , Texas
Thanks for all your help and guidance.

You know, I've worked with different help desk personnel: the University, My place of work; and you are the most reliable, and fastest response team I've had the privilege to interact with.. You are like our "guardian angel" ready to reply and assist us.


Justin Davis
Director of Bands  -  Freedom High School, Florida
Charms music has been a life saver! Not only has its traditional, basic functions saved us time, but the Charms staff is willing to help customize the program to fit our needs here at Freedom.

For very little cost, we are able to adapt our county required forms to work with Charms and save us having to use multiple programs.

Thank you for giving us time back to teach our students!

Leslie Gray
Booster Treasurer  -  Mayde Creek High School Band, Texas
I'm the Lead Treasurer with Mayde Creek High School Band Boosters.

Thanks for ALL of your support, for listening to suggestions and for your patience. CHARMS makes the booster's job much easier - especially the treasurer's.

Kimberley Hoyle
Assistant Band Director  -  Schimelpfenig Middle School, Texas
I've been in the district for 8 years, and Charms was the best professional development session I have ever experienced.

I can send mailings with a few keystrokes, I can communicate with my parents more efficiently and being able to keep track of finances AND inventory in one program is priceless.

Kevin Byrd
Director of Bands  -  South Johnston High School, North Carolina
Charms has brought organization to absolute chaos. I am a new band director at South Johnston High School and within days, I had an accurate instrument inventory, student accounts, and group email communication with parents.

It is absolutely wonderful. Thanks Charms.

Brian Sedatole
Director  -  Stony Point High School Band, Texas
Now I know why you call it "Charms" - because it works like a charm! I was looking for a specific march and remembered that I could do a search on your database. I found it at a school and discovered that an old friend of mine is the band director there.

I emailed him (with the help of Charms) and not only do I now have the march I wanted, but also got to touch base with a good friend!

Thank you Charms!

Michael Ouellette
Director of Bands  -  Cinco Ranch High School, Texas
This program is a lifesaver! Charms has put everything I need at my fingertips and the fingertips of my parents. Communicating with parents has never been easier.

And I don't need numerous Excel spreadsheets hanging around my computer or endless papers cluttering my desk. Thanks for all you do for us directors.

Ruth Petersen
Band Director  -  Bradley Middle School, North Carolina
Charms Music Office Assistant is essential to the organization and success of the 21st century music teacher. I like that Charms adapts as the needs of music teachers change.

I cannot imagine how I managed so long without Charms. It has given me more time to teach and more time to have a life! Have I told you lately how much I love Charms?!

Katie Corbett
Assistant Band Director  -  Hendrick Middle School, Plano, Texas
CHARMS is the best program for organization and Type A directors like myself.

It has literally saved dozens of hours of time and really helps with list making and record keeping. We are loving it and our band program couldn't function smoothly without it.

Thanks CHARMS!

Hank Holland
Booster Club Treasurer  -  Huntsville High School Band, Alabama
I had a big rush to get everything in to Charms for our first Booster Club Meeting last week. I appreciate your help in helping me setup our bookkeeping and adding those fantastic capabilities to the Budget Summary report. Got a good review from the meeting - parents are now accessing their student's records and financial statements online through Charms and hopefully will be writing checks for fees.

I am really enjoying working with Charms - the potential is tremendous and your responsiveness has been outstanding. Thank You.

Deanna Ahlenstorf, Treasurer
Enterprise High School Music Boosters  -  Enterprise High School, California
Charms has really been a pleasure! The online support has been amazing! They are always willing to help and toss around ideas as well. Our music directors now have more time to do that thing they do best, teach! We are one very satisfied customer. I would highly recommend this program to any school to use. It’s the best.

Arnold Garza  -  Tuloso-Midway H.S. Band, Texas (9/20/2005)
I can't begin to tell you how great this program has been for me. I forget information from one day to the next because of overload, but having the entire menu staring me in the face daily doesn't allow me to forget anything!

Bravo to you.

Gail Land
Assistant Choir Director  -  Lamar High School, Texas
I have retired and gone back to teaching part time. I was not crazy about adding another computer program to wade through. But my head director is a lot younger and not afraid of anything so he jumped in and bought this fantastic program. Once you go through a small bit of Q&A it is so easy!

I have never used an organizing tool so form fitted to our needs in the Fine Arts! The best part is all the hands on help you get from the support staff.

Alexia Andrew  -  Coronado JHS/Ash Elementary Choirs, Texas (9/16/2005)
I had 2 schools and 7 choirs. I absolutely would NOT have made it last year with out Charms!!! This year 2 schools and 6 choirs and Charms helps me keep up with everything!

Sue Bugg
Charms member since 2002  -  Robert E. Lee High School Band, Texas
Using the Charms program has helped so much in organizing and using information. I can make alpha, bus, check, phone, fundraising lists....... It helps me keep in touch with the parents and students SO much easier. And it is soooo nice to have all the pertinent information in ONE place whenever I need to use it and not lost in the filing cabinets.

Ron Hinkle
Director of Membership  -  Frisco High School Band/Guard Booster Club, Texas
We are very delighted with Charms. We purchased it in early June, in preparation for the upcoming Band registration. Last year was such a mess, not having one central location to track our band/guard students. The Booster Club kept one, the Band Director kept another. No one knew who had the most recent information. This year with Charms, we had an update roster within days of the band/guard registration. It's amazing, when you have one place to keep information, how much smoother things go. And I've got to say our school Band Directors love it, because we update much of the information for them and it saves them time. The boosters love it, because it makes it easier to track student's funding, and uniforms.

Ron Payne
Director of Bands  -  Alexander Central High School, North Carolina
Charms has enabled me, as a second year teacher, to spend even less time on administration and more time on learning to teach my students.

Within a few short hours, I had my entire instrument library keyed in for checkout, my student database up and running, and a great log of my parent contacts from over the summer to a) remind me who I needed to follow up with, and b) put in my New Teacher portfolio to show my mentors and supervisors demonstrating my outreach to parents (a major area of concern for new teachers sometimes!)

In short, Charms has enabled me to allow students to help and support the admin part of band while keeping important information confidential, but allowing me at the same time to spend more time teaching and less time typing! Thank you, Michael Baker & Charms!

Rick Owens
Director of Bands  -  A. L. Brown High School Band, North Carolina
I absolutely love the program. It has all of the functions I have been looking for in a program with the added ease of being able to access it from any internet computer. I'm looking forward to using all of the functions.

Sharon Keffer  -  Mountain Gap Middle School Band, Alabama (9/10/2005)
I just want you guys to know that we are having the best time with Charms. It is a brilliant program and the reports are so cool and so easy to come up with. You have done a wonderful job of setting this up for music classes. We have 1 band director and 220 students so Charms has really come to the rescue this year in managing information.

Jacci Mozingo
LHS Choir Booster  -  Lewisville High School Choir & Booster Club, Texas
We started our affiliation with Charms Music in June 2005. Our Choir has 150 plus students. We were anxious to start setting up an Internet friendly way of tracking our students and having 100 % accountability of all our income & expenses. Combining this feature and having the added benefit of parents being able to not only access their students account but to pay the class/trip fees online has been a blessing for us as well as our parents. The assistance and co-operation that we have received from Charms Music has been extremely helpful, with positive and courteous attention given to our requests. The never-ending changes to technology have seen their services grow at an astounding rate and the service to our Choir has been exceptional.

Thanks for your support and we love the program,