How To Contact Us
We are happy to take your calls, emails, faxes and visits to our office in Garland!

Our Office Hours

We get here most days about 8:30. Or 9:00 (or 9:15-ish), but occasionally as early as 7:42, but some days as late as 9:48.

We close about 5:00 or 5:20, occasionally as late as 6:00 or even 7:12. Some mornings or afternoons we aren't here at all, but lately we've been here just about all the time. (Except when we are out doing other things, but probably should be here.)

If we are here, we answer the phone, if we're not here, we usually don't answer the phone. But if we do answer the phone you will always get a real person, not a "press one for this." We hate those things too!

Tech Support Hours

We provide 24 hour tech support - just not in a row.

We are not certified accountants and cannot legally offer accounting or bookkeeping advice such as setting up your budgets, or handling transactions. We only provide the software tools to help you enter and manage your transactions.

Nor are we forensic bookkeepers - please do not ask us to spend hours trying to locate an item in your books, or to explain why a transaction appears the way it does. We do not enter your transactions.

We are happy to identify and fix software bugs, but we are not able to teach you how to keep financial records or undo your mistakes. The best advice we can give is to work with a CPA or professional bookkeeper.

Dorian Business Systems, LLC.
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Technical Support: charmssupport @ charmsmusic.com
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