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 How to Order Charms

How to Order a Subscription for Charms:

  1. The first step is to register for a Charms account. Please go to to sign up for a new Charms account. This will be set up as a fully-functional trial account. After you login and perform some basic setup, you will see buttons which will allow you to request a quote and/or an invoice to purchase your account.
  2. Decide if you would like a one-year or a three-year subscription. If you already have a subscription and want to RENEW your account, be sure to contact us if you are not sure what your renewal rate is.
  3. If you want to pay with booster or private funds, request an invoice and specify your subscription length (one-year or three-year.) We will activate your account as soon as we send the invoice.
  4. If paying with district funds, you will likely be using a district purchase order. Please request that we send you an ESTIMATE/QUOTE which the school district can use to generate a P.O. District offices generally do not like getting bills (invoices) before the P.O. is issued.
  5. Once you have the purchase order, mail it. As soon as we have the purchase order, we will activate your account.
  6. Once we have a purchase order we will bill either your district or your school directly, whichever entity is listed on the bill to line on the purchase order. If the bill is sent to you at your school, be sure to turn it in to your business office for payment. That is the only way your school knows it is OK to Pay the invoice. Frequently we are forced to suspend accounts for non-payment only because the invoice was never turned in for payment.
  7. You may pay us by check or credit card through PayPal, accessible here.

Ordering accessories

  1. Labels must be ordered from within your Charms account. Visit the appropriate section such as Uniforms or Inventory, go to the Barcode area and select Order Labels. Select the items you need, and we'll do the rest!
  2. All accessories must be pre-paid. We accept checks and credit card payments for these items. Once we receive your payment we will order and/or ship your items.
  3. Please note, we no longer accept Purchase Orders for label orders. The order must be paid in full before it is shipped.