Charms Office Assistant

Problems logging in to Charms?

Try these solutions before contacting support:

1 Check Content Advisor

Check to see that your "Content Advisor" is not enabled. Many secure sites (HTTPS), including Charms, encounter difficulties using Internet Explorer due to a Microsoft bug.

Select Tools > Internet Options > Content tab

If the top button reads "Disable" - click that button, enter your password, and click OK.

Log off Internet Explorer and log back in, and then into Charms. It should work perfectly.

2 Add to Trusted Sites

Select Tools > Internet Options > Privacy and click the Sites button. Add to your trusted websites.

3 Login in the Correct Place

If you are a parent or student, be sure you are entering the school code in the Parent/Student Login.

4 Still Not Working?

We are happy to try to help you solve the issue. Please email the Charms Support Desk or click on Mr. Blinky on our home page.